5 Questions to Ask when Buying Resistance Bands

We know that when it comes to buying anything, we always want to get our money’s worth. It is the same when it comes to resistance bands. To ensure that you are getting the best deal, always ask the following 5 questions.

Question #1 – How are the resistance bands constructed?

One of the important factors to consider when buying resistance bands is how they are made. How the resistance bands are made will determine how long they will last and how effective they are in training your muscles.

There are 2 ways to construct resistance bands:

Single Layered (a.k.a. Extruded)

You can create Single Layered resistance bands by pouring liquid latex into a mold and letting this liquid harden. They are essentially one-piece molded rubber tubes. Technically they are known as Extruded resistance bands

Extruded resistance bands are usually not as durable. Because they are only a single piece of latex, extruded resistance band will tear easily when they get a slight cut.


Multi-Layered resistance bands are created by a process known as “multi-layering”. In this process, a long thin rod is dipped into a vat of latex many times until the desired thickness is achieved. This will create multiple layers to produce an extremely strong resistance band.

Multi-Layered resistance bands will do not tear easily because there are multiple layers holding it together. They are more resistance to damage caused by “overstretching of the resistance bands.

Question #2 – Do the resistance bands come with other accessories?

Some resistance bands manufacturers package their bands with other accessories to form an overall training system/kit. Some examples of such accessories are handles, door anchors and ankle straps.

If they are shipped with handles, make sure that the size of the handles is comfortable to hold in your hands. If they are too small, you will find it uncomfortable to hold for a long time and this will greatly affect the effectiveness of your workouts. Constant rubbing can also cause calluses to develop.

Look at the workouts that you want to use with your resistance bands and get the necessary accessories for your needs.

Question #3 –  Does the resistance bands come with clip/hook/ring attachment?

Some resistance bands have clips/hooks/rings attached to the handles. Such a feature will allow you to add as many resistance bands as desired to the same handle. This greatly enhanced the training capability of your resistance bands.

On the contrary, resistance bands without such a feature mean that you can only use 1 resistance level per band. There is no possibility to adjust.

Ensure that the clips/hooks/rings are made of durable material. A quick tip when you are buying resistance bands is to buy bands that have large hooks and/or rings. this will allow you to do easy and fast changes for different resistance levels.  Such bands are also much more durable.

Question #4 – When buying resistance bands, check whether the seller provides a warranty period?

While resistance bands are made to last and stand up to rough use, they do break down. It can be due to manufacturing flaws, inappropriate usage or simple wear and tear.

A seller, which has confidence in their resistance bands, will be more than willing to provide a warranty period. This is usually a good indicator that their resistance bands are of good quality.

If you can find a seller which provides a lifetime defects warranty, even better!

Question #5 – Are your resistance bands designed to safeguard against snapping?

Snapping is a potential hazard when using resistance bands. While no rubber is snap-proof, there are safeguards in place to reduce the possibility of snapping.

The main reason for snapping is overstretching the resistance bands. Overstretching damages the resistance bands and creates tears in them. Overtime, the resistance band weakens and snapping may just occur

Some manufacturers try to solve the problem by designing their resistance bands to be unable to overstretch. It can come in the way the resistance bands are constructed or in the manner of how the resistance bands are connected to the handles.

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