First Aid Kit Checklist for a Workplace

From knee braces to plasters, first aid kits must have a wide variety of items within in order to be an effective kit. Unfortunately, for many workplaces, they don’t have a suitable first aid kit and it’s not ideal to say the least, especially when there is an accident. What you have to remember is that an accident can occur at any given time and when it happens, the employer must ensure the right things are found within the kit. The following are a few simple and everyday things you might need for a first aid kit for the workplace.

Sterile Bandages or Gauze

Sterile bandages are a must for those who are creating a first aid kit. Bandages can be useful for minor and major injuries and they are certainly something you want to have available to you at the best and worst of times. Having a bandage or two within the first aid kit can enable you to get a suitable tool to use when you find basic wounds and cuts. What is more, gauze can help bandage up more serious of injuries. These things are useful to have especially when you want to attend to most injuries quickly. Having sports tape can also be very useful to help see to some other injuries.

Plasters and Anti-Septic Creams

Next, you have to have some creams within the kit to help clean up wounds. Anti-septic creams are very useful to help clean out a bad cut or wound and can help to prevent bacteria and dirt from getting the wound infected. You might not think too much about anti-septic creams and yet they can provide you with a lot of use. What is more, plastics are useful for everyday cuts and abrasions that need a little care. Having other things such as knee braces can also be good to help ensure all injuries are covered. Read more.

Surgical Gloves and Medical Dressings

Having sports tape, surgical gloves and a host of medical dressings can be great as the dressings can cover most injuries. However the gloves are good to help ensure you don’t get any dirt into a wound. A lot of people don’t think using surgical gloves when seeing to an injury and yet it can help in a big way. You shouldn’t be treating someone without protecting yourself and them. It’s important to think about using gloves and having them available in the first aid kit.

Plan for Any Eventuality

When you are dealing with a first aid kit, you have to ensure you have a wide variety of things which can be useful to those who may get hurt. Now, you have to adapt to your working conditions such as if you work in the middle of nowhere or on a busy construction site. You have to be very careful when you’re dealing with medical kits. You have to ensure you have the necessary tools such as scissors to cut bandages and medical tape to keep the bandages and dressings in place. Knee braces and other such support socks can be great for those with sprains. Click here for more information: –

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