Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by several factors including excessive foot pronation, arthritis, overuse of the joint muscles and others.  In the United States most people above the age of 65 suffer from knee arthritis and this causes chronic disability among these adults. It is difficult to control knee pain but when it comes across it is important for you to ensure that you have taken the necessary measures such as stretching and strengthening of your knee muscles and also doing some exercises that can relax your knee pain. In sports most athletes also have the problem of knee pain especially after playing for a long period but the sports injury aids that they carry to the field while playing or running helps them to reduce the pain. Below are tips for physical therapy.

Stretch those muscles that put support to your knee

How do the stretching of these muscles help in relieving your knee pain? When the butt muscles sit much they tend to imbalance and due to this they cause pain. Not forgetting the inner thigh muscles commonly referred as hip adductors and the hamstrings because they play a key role on our knees. When there is a force on the knee that is compressive there are high chances that muscle imbalances can occur. In this case the physical therapy bands are very crucial because they help reduce these pains and bring balance to your knee and muscles.

Ensuring that you have maintained a healthy weight

Heavy weight makes people to have knee osteoarthritis and this can be very dangerous to our bodies because it makes us to develop knee pain. Excess fats are very dangerous to our bodies because they decrease the strength of our muscles and they add some strains to our knee joints. The relationship between quadriceps and body weight are inverse to each other which means that when you have a body weight that is higher, the knee muscles also becomes weaker.

Mind your feet

Knee pain can be caused by the type of shoes that one wears.  Most people like wearing the three-inch stilettos forgetting that these high heeled shoes usually affect the knee joints hence causing pain. Most people wear heels without even minding about their effects on the knee. They lead to tight calf muscles which usually causes complications like the knee pain. It is important to embrace the use of the flat shoes because they help to stretch out the calves. In sports most athletes use the sports tape because it helps reduce chances of knee pain.

Lastly most people find it difficult to prevent knee pain but this is something that is very easy to achieve because what you are required to do is to ensure that you have relied all the knee pains by following the recommendations of your physical therapist. According to most researchers today knee pain requires the assistance of a physical therapist because he can help you reduce the pain. It is therefore important to be keen not to affect your ankle, elbow or knee braces.

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