When is it Safe to Return to Sports after an Injury?

Sports being an income generating activity for sportsmen, it’s common for most of them to inquire when it’s the right time to return to his/her sport after an injury. Getting an answer s is not an easy thing as each athlete injury is very unique while at the same time returning earlier could increase the risk of a possible re-injury or develop chronic problem that may lead to longer recovery. And at the same time waiting for long will result towards even unnecessary deconditioning. Then when is the right time to return to sports after sports injury aids?

Proper Aids Injury time Conditioning

Proper conditioning before an injury is a major thing that can improve recovery from any sports injury. Being in a great shape that can reduce the risk of injury thus lessening the injury severity for ankle/elbow/knee braces injury thus reducing recovery time

Speeding Injury Recovery Time

Speeding recovery  time for any sports injury requires that one pays attention to the sports injury warning signs, then be able to treat the injuries as soon s possible and even if necessary participate in an injury rehab program.  It’s also essential staying fit when a person is injured, keeping positive and upbeat attitude.

Injury Recovery Phases

It’s important that during an acute recovery phase one follows RICE principles thus limiting your activity thus allowing time to heal. Depending on the severity of an injury it’s essential to maintain overall conditioning where possible. Regaining a certain range of strength plus motion should be started as it’s directed by the therapist and doctors. It’s important to use discomfort basically as a guide and ensure to avoid those movements that would cause pain by using sports tape. After the muscle strength plus flexibility has returned then one could slowly get back to the sport thus working at around 50% to 70% capacity. During this phase where functional brills involving balance, speed and speed would be added and tolerated as required.

Return to Sports Safety Guidelines

Before returning to sports, it’s important to engage safety guidelines. First ensure that you are pain free and there is full range of motion by comparing the injured part with that of the uninjured part. It’s also essential to ensure that you have full strength or worse at least 90% of strength. Another important factor is to ensure that for those with lower body injuries are able to perform at full weight mostly when bearing on the ankles, hips and hips without any limping. Those with upper body injuries ensure perfuming activities like throwing movements in a proper form has no pain. Physical therapy bands are also crucial in managing recovery phases.  More info here.

Lastly even being at full strength it’s crucial to remember that there must be deficits in strength, flexibility, stability and even with skill.

The guidelines provided are essential in guiding an injured person towards regaining full fitness crucial to returning to sports.  With these guidelines you can be sure that you are ready to return to work. But it’s still essential to remember to follow the instructions of the physicians on whether you are full fit to return.

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