Sports Injury First Aid Treatment

Accidents do happen, especially in sports. Even as there are numerous possibilities of limiting the number and severity of associated injuries using various injury prevention strategies, one wrong step would result to a very sudden and painful injury. Whenever this happens it’s crucial to prepared to act accordingly. Indeed there are several sports injury aids that can be employed in the field.

Immediate First Aid Treatment

The major goal involving sports injury aid is stopping the activity in order to prevent further damage or injury. Most of the injuries that would require an immediate treatment are acute injuries. Acute injuries occur suddenly and cause symptoms including pain and swelling, fractures, cuts and abrasions, concussions, strains and even sprains. An acute injury wills obvious show what caused the injury but it’s still crucial to determine the cause of injury as part of making a proper and even quick treatment decisions. The first treatment involving ankle, elbow or knee injuries including other soft injuries is to be able to prevent or stop and reduce swelling. After soft tissues are damaged they swell and bleed internally causing pain plus loss of motion that limits the use of the muscles.

First Aid with PRICE

Price is a common treatment of sports injuries method. PRICE stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Protection is stopping the activity and protecting the injured from additional damage, Rest is to rest that area in order to the tissues to heal, Ice is to apply cold therapy in order to reduce swelling and pain by narrowing blood vessels and limiting internal bleeding. Compression involves wrapping the injured part with bandages, sports tapes or wraps in order to minimize swelling and lastly Elavation is also elevating an injured area in order to reduce blood flow and swelling. Even as the strategy is effective it’s important to take the injured to physician after for a proper diagnosis

Cuts and Abrasions First Aid

When an injury causes cuts or even an abrasion its leads to bleeding hence it’s important in stopping blood flow quickly. First wash the injury wound using soap with water and then apply a bandage or sports tape when necessary and wait for the medical help. With a deep cut its necessary to stitch and pull cut edges together hence its crucial in using butterfly bandages in holding the stitch. More details here

Chronic and Overuse Injuries

While dramatic sports injuries are acute, most of injuries develop slowly resulting to vague aches and even pains. Overuse injuries often involve chronic pain such as tendonitis which has vague or even subtle symptoms developing slowly. Treating these injuries would require resting and reducing exercise intensity, its frequency plus duration. Thus icing the overuse injury will be essential towards reducing inflammation plus pain

After treating an injury it’s still essential to take care when returning to sports. Returning to sports is different from one athlete to another as each injury is much unique and sometimes requiring injury therapy bands. Sometimes returning to sports may increase risk of re-injury or may develop chronic problems resulting to longer recovery. Taking a longer time may lead to fitness problems.

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