Top 5 Cycling Accessories Every Cyclist Should Have

Some folks ride bikes for fun, others do it as a sport, and there is also a group that does this as a way to exercise (to cut some weight). No matter the reason for cycling, you may need biking accessories to make the process safer and enjoyable. Are you familiar with the main accessories needed apart from the helmet mirrors? Take a look below to find out what you may need.

Top 5 biking accessories

Mini Bike Pump

It’s a good practice to check your bike’s tire pressure before setting out on a cycling spree. You need two mini bike pumps, one for home use and another to take with you on the journey. Tire bursts and deflation are to be expected especially if the terrain ahead is a course and bumpy one. It goes without saying that you need to ensure the pump you are carrying is compatible with the bike’s valve type.

Helmet Mirrors

Having a third eye increases your safety while on the road. If you are a bit tall or don’t want to bend your head to use the handlebar mirrors, helmet mirrors may be your best option. There are two types of these mirrors; those attached to the helmet’s hard shell through screws and the one attached using a glue patch.

The mirror stretches a couple of centimeters from the helmet. A 10 or 20 degrees head turn should show whatever is behind you. The two main things that can hinder helmet mirror efficiency is long hair and broad shoulders.

Riding Gloves

Many recreational cyclists never bother looking for riding gloves-yet these accessories will protect the hands from getting sores or injuries during a fall or heavy braking in bumpy areas. Also if you live in snowy zones or do your cycling in thechilly morning, you need gloves. The gloves should have padded palms for better protection.

Compression Socks

Bicycle riding exercises the legs more than any other part of the body. This will result in fatigue, soreness, and muscle cramps. Wearing compression socks allows air circulation in the legs thus reducing the impact caused by frequent muscle movement.

Bicycle lock

A bike is one of the simplest items to steal. You can’t and won’t ride without stopping to grab some energizing fluids or to “take a leak.” Having a bicycle lock can give thieves a hard time to whisk your bike away. However, not every lock is strong enough; some can be cut, so you need a lock made of the toughest steel.

Also when locking a bike, secure it to something strong and make sure the lock passes through the section that, should a thief decide to unscrew any part of the bike, the frames or a larger part will remain behind.

There just some of the cycling accessories that make your ride more enjoyable. Other equipment you might need include water bottles (hydration pack), lights in case you return home in the dark, fitting clothes, sunglasses, and cycling shoes. visit

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